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Modifications to electric motors

Specialized Solutions for Your Needs

Welcome to our website, where we provide comprehensive services in the field of electric motor adjustment. We specialize in single-phase and three-phase electric motors, brake motors, two-speed electric motors, and many other types. With our extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology, we are ready to meet your requirements and ensure optimal performance of your electric motors.

Our services include:

  • Single-phase electric motor adjustment: From routine maintenance to enhancements, our workshops are equipped to ensure optimal operation of your single-phase electric motors.
  • Three-phase electric motor adjustment: Comprehensive diagnostics, maintenance, and adjustments of three-phase electric motors will ensure flawless operation of your equipment.
  • Brake motors: We specialize in adjusting brake motors to ensure the reliability and safety of your equipment.
  • Two-speed electric motors: With our expertise and skills, we can optimize the performance of your two-speed electric motors for maximum efficiency.
  • Frequency converters and motors for frequency converter operation: We provide services related to frequency converters and motor adaptation for their use to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Non-explosion-proof electric motors: We are experts in non-explosion-proof electric motors and adhere to the strictest safety standards in their maintenance.
  • Spare parts for SIEMENS electric motors: As an authorized service partner of SIEMENS, we offer original spare parts and components for electric motors of this brand.

Additional services:

  • Motor mounting shape adjustment: We carry out adjustments to the mounting shape of electric motors according to customer specifications and requirements. With modification kits kept in our inventory, we can modify the motor shape on demand (IMB3, IMB5, IMB35, IMB14, IMB34, IMV1, ...).
  • Winding protection: We install protective systems for motor windings, which extend their lifespan and increase reliability. Possible winding protection variants include PTC thermistors, bimetal thermal contacts, and others.
  • Forced cooling: Additional installation of forced cooling improves the thermal stability of electric motors and protects them from overheating.
  • Bearing replacement: Regular bearing replacement is crucial for maintaining the optimal performance of your electric motors, and our technicians are prepared for it. We also install roller bearings for increased radial load or insulated bearings for frequency converter operation.
  • Rewinding to non-standard voltage: Regardless of the specific requirements of your operation, we can provide rewinding of electric motors to non-standard voltage and frequency to ensure your equipment operates at optimal performance.
  • Shaft adjustment: Our partners are equipped to adjust electric motor shafts to specific length, diameter, or material to meet your specific requirements.
  • Additional installation of electromagnetic brakes: If you need additional safety measures, we can install electromagnetic brakes including manual release, improving the control and safety of your electric motors.
  • Additional installation of speed sensors: To enhance monitoring and control of your electric motors, we can perform additional installation of speed sensors, allowing more efficient monitoring of their operation.
  • Rotor balancing: Rotor balancing is crucial to ensure smooth and reliable operation of electric motors. With our partners, we can provide precise rotor balancing, minimizing vibrations and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for the adjustment of your electric motors, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide you with professional services and ensure that your equipment operates flawlessly and with maximum performance.

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