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Technical consulting

Professional consultancy in the field of electric motors with Elektromotory Těsnohlídek

Welcome to the website of Elektromotory Těsnohlídek, your reliable partner in the field of electric motors and associated services. We are experts in the field of electric motors and are pleased to offer you top-notch consultancy and services needed for the efficient operation of your equipment.

Who we are

Elektromotory Těsnohlídek is a long-standing leader in the electric motor market. Our company is known for its professionalism, reliability, and top-tier service. Our company is based in South Bohemia, specifically in Hracholusky near Prachatice, but we provide our services throughout the Czech Republic.

Our Offer

Consultancy in the Field of Electric Motors

Our team of experts in the field of electric motors will provide you with comprehensive consultancy to assist you in selecting the most suitable electric motors for your needs. Regardless of the project size or specific requirements, we are here to help you achieve optimal results.

Training and Education

We aim for our clients to have full awareness of electric motors and their correct usage. Therefore, we regularly inform our customers about updates and current standards in the field of electric motors. We are able to assist with proper maintenance, troubleshooting, or safe handling of electric motors.

Electric Motor Supplies

We are your reliable supplier of electric motors from leading manufacturers. We offer a wide range of electric motors of various types and capacities to meet the needs of our customers. Our experts will help you choose the right electric motor according to your specifications and requirements, recommending the optimal solution that meets your expectations.

Why Choose Těsnohlídek Electric Motors

  • Expertise: Our employees are experts in the field of electric motors with years of experience.
  • Reliability: We are a reliable partner for our customers and always adhere to agreed-upon deadlines.
  • Individual Approach: Each client is unique to us, and we offer individual solutions tailored to specific needs.
  • Quality: We offer only the highest quality electric motors and services that meet the strictest standards.

Conact Us

If you are interested in our services or need consultancy in the field of electric motors, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and happy to assist with your needs.

Address: Hracholusky 131, 383 01, Prachatice
Phone: +420 736 675 674
Email: info@elektromotory-tesnohlidek.cz

Do not hesitate to contact us and see for yourself our professionalism and the quality of our services!

Do you need advice?

Do you need advice on choosing a suitable type of frequency converter or order straight away? Call us or write an email! We will be happy to advise you.