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We can supply gearboxes from SIEMENS, Bonfiglioli, NORD, SEW - EURODRIVE, HYDRO-MEC, Tramec.

Precise and powerful drive systems for optimum flexibility

Our extensive range of gearboxes ensures that you will find the optimum product for your needs. We offer either stand-alone gearboxes or compact motor and gearbox designs called electric gearboxes.

Depending on the type of design, size and gear ratio, the gearbox provides higher or lower engine speeds. Therefore, the resulting ratio between input and output speed is one of the most important parameters. Our company can supply gearboxes designed for every industry sector.

We can also supply gearboxes from manufacturers




BONFIGLIOLI, patří mezi největší světové výrobce pohonů. Produktové portfolio je zaměřeno na komplexní řešení, inovativní technologie s neustálým kontinuálním řešením požadavků všech průmyslových procesů.

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