About us

About us

TĚSNOHLÍDEK s.r.o. is a family company engaged in the selling of electric motors, gearboxes, frequency converters, soft starters and more. As a side business we also run a car service with a car paint shop.

What is important for us?

In sales, the main emphasis is on seriousness, personal approach, quality service and product and full customer satisfaction. Speed of delivery is also a priority for us. The speed of delivery is guaranteed by our largest stock of electric motors in the Czech Republic in the power range from 0.06 kW to 400 kW.

History - present

TĚSNOHLÍDEK s.r.o. was founded in 1998. After years of doing business as individuals, Josef Těsnohlídek (father) and Miroslav Těsnohlídek (son) decided to establish a company together. As a certified partner of Siemens, TĚSNOHLÍDEK s.r.o. became the leading distributor of electric drives in the Czech Republic. We currently have a total stock worth over 40 million CZK. This makes us once again unique in the Czech Republic.

Our trading company TĚSNOHLÍDEK s.r.o., which has been selling electric drives only in the Czech and Slovak Republic for over 30 years, has been exporting electric motors and other electric drives to almost all over the world for more than 6 years.

The benefits of a long-term partnership

We benefit mainly from long-term cooperation with the world's largest manufacturer of electric motors Siemens. We are an official partner, which has its own production of low-voltage motors in the Czech Republic in the factories Mohelnice and Frenštát. The Frenštát factory used to produce MEZ motors, today it produces Siemens electric motors.

Thanks to our long-term professional but also personal cooperation with SIEMENS, we are able to supply electric motors at very low prices, with short delivery times and offer full support to our B2B partners from all over the world.
SIEMENS high voltage electric motors and generators are supplied from the Drásov factory up to 26.5 MW and 13.8 KV.

We deliver electric motors to the following countries, among others:

  • Egypt 
  • India
  • Lebanon
  • Macedonia
  • Maroco
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapur
  • United Arab Emirates U.A.E.
  • Turkey

Our know-how in the sortiment of electric motors, frequency converters, electric gearboxes Siemens and MEZ is at a high level and we can fully replace the electric motor of other manufacturers we can provide sales of electric motors ABB, WEG, Hoyer, Lenze, Cantoni, ATB, BrookCrompton, MOLL motors, AC-motoren, KEM, Volt, ELK and many other manufacturers of electric motors. 

The individual periods of development are summarised in the following overview:


Josef Těsnohlídek s.r.o starts to provide supply, sales and purchasing activities in the field of electric motors MEZ.


The former warehouse space was no longer available and within one week Josef Těsnohlídek had to find a new warehouse, he decided to buy the first part of the current company headquarters in Hracholusky.


The business grows and is followed by the establishment of a limited liability company. Josef Těsnohlídek together with his son Miroslav Těsnohlídek.


The constant increase in stock forced us to build new warehouse premises.


Annual turnover of 75 million CZK achieved.


After 49 years in the field of electric motors, Josef Těsnohlídek brings his grandson Miroslav Těsnohlídek Jr. to the company.


Miroslav Těsnohlídek Jr. takes over the business of electric drives. Modernization of the company's operations, digitalization, transition to complete electronic management of the company's operations. Josef Těsnohlídek continues to work for the company as a technical advisor.


Due to market demand, a new cooperation is launched in addition to the distribution of Siemens electric motors. TĚSNOHLÍDEK s.r.o. becomes the new general partner of CAG Electric Machinery s.r.o. and takes over the distribution of CAG electric motors for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.


TĚSNOHLÍDEK exports to the world! Not only the EU, but also Egypt.


New website and e-shop with electric motor configurator launched.


Achieved annual sales of €3.8 million. Of which almost 50% was exported outside the Czech Republic.

Do you need advice?

Do you need advice on choosing a suitable type of frequency converter or order straight away? Call us or write an email! We will be happy to advise you.

Where now?

Electric motors

Electric motors

In the complex portfolio of TĚSNOHLÍDEK company you will find premium induction electric motors of the SIMOTICS brand from the manufacturer SIEMENS (today Innomotics). We also offer cheaper, but very high quality electric drives of Gamak or CAG brands. Show more informationright arrow
Frequency converters

Frequency converters

We offer top SIEMENS SINAMICS frequency converters that simply and efficiently solve any individual drive unit application, regardless of whether low, high or direct voltage is used. Show more informationright arrow


Gearboxes for electric motors are devices that are used to transfer and change the torque between the drive and the driven device. We can supply gearboxes made by SIEMENS, Bonfiglioli, NORD, SEW – EURODRIVE, HYDRO-MEC, Tramec. Show more informationright arrow


Choose a slow start! The use of soft starters is the optimal alternative if direct start-up or star-delta start-up are not suitable solutions. Show more informationright arrow
Modifications to electric motors

Modifications to electric motors

We deal with the professional modification of electric motors according to the customer's wishes directly in our workshops. In cooperation with contractual partners, we are able to ensure even the most demanding customer requirements. Show more informationright arrow
Technical consulting

Technical consulting

Need advice on choosing a new electric motor, frequency converter, gearbox or a direct replacement for an older drive? Show more informationright arrow