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Reference: Asia - it's our market!

The Asian market demands quality, so it buys SIEMENS electric motors...

Reference: Asia - it's our market!

Already at the beginning of this year we started a close cooperation with a new customer who trades on the Asian market.

The electric motors are exported outside the EU, so the customer requires efficiency class IE1, which is widely used in non-European countries.

The motors in the power range 1.5 kW - 160 kW at 3000 rpm and 1500 rpm were combined by the customer in both aluminium and grey cast iron frames. Mounting versions are foot-mounted IMB3 and flanged IMB5.

It started in July:

The siemens production factories delivered the electric motors to our warehouse and we were only waiting for the carrier. The electric motors were stored in our warehouses with a total area of over 2500 m2 and more than 10,000 pallet spaces. The transport was handled by the customer himself, called Ex Works. Within a week, it was shipped out, the customer ordered a transport company and within two hours it was loaded. The clearance went well and we successfully completed the first order.

It was a lot:

- 793 electric motors
- 47 783 kg
- 136 pallets
- 2 trucks

What power outputs of electric motors did we supply?

Electric motor 1.5 kW
Electric motor 2.2 kW
Electric motor 3 kW
Electric motor 4 KW
Electric motor 5.5 kW
Electric motor 7.5 kW
Electric motor 11 kW
Electric motor 15 kW
Electric motor 18.5 KW
Electric motor 22 kW
Electric motor 30 kW
Electric motor 37 kW
Electric motor 45 KW
Electric motor 160 kW

We like to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and we have succeeded here. The customer buys up to 3,000 pcs SIEMENS electric motors per year.

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