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Proper care of the electric motor will improve its efficiency and extend its life

Proper care of the electric motor will improve its efficiency and extend its life

In the previous article, we addressed SIMOTICS electric motors of the GP series, which are among the most versatile drives used in industry. We will now focus on general advice on how to properly care for SIMOTICS electric motors and maximize their lifespan. However, these general tips also apply to engines of other brands.

Within various branches of industry, electric motors represent a key segment on which the entire business of a company often depends, and any failure can have fatal economic consequences. Investments in proper maintenance and technology to monitor the condition of the electric motor lead to significant savings and improved efficiency over time. Therefore, it is not only important to choose reliable products from proven brands, but also to follow up with proper maintenance.

Regular maintenance is the foundation

Although SIMOTICS electric motors and generally motors spol. INNOMOTICS (formerly SIEMENS) are very reliable, proper maintenance can significantly extend the already very long service life of these drives.

Lubrication – proper bearing lubrication is key to reducing drive friction and wear. We recommend following the manufacturer's recommendations, which apply both to the type of lubricant and to the frequency of lubrication.

Insulation check - regularly measure the insulation resistance and ensure that this value is in accordance with standards and regulations.

Cleaning - regular removal of dust and dirt from the surface of the engine can literally do wonders. Among other things, it prevents engine overheating and improves its cooling.

Temperature monitoring

Temperature is a critical factor affecting the reliability of electric motors. Regularly measure the temperature of the electric drive and, in case of deviations from the norm, carry out a more thorough diagnosis. Overheating can be a sign of insufficient cooling or insulation problems.

Attention to the environment

SIMOTICS electric motors are designed for a wide range of operating conditions, but extreme temperatures, humidity or chemical environments can negatively affect their performance. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the motors are sufficiently protected from adverse environmental effects and, if necessary, use suitable covers and protective elements.

Early vibration control

Vibrations can be a sign of imbalance or bearing wear. Periodically perform a vibration check and, in case of deviations, balance or replace damaged bearings.

Staff training

Personnel responsible for the maintenance and proper operation of electric motors in the company should be sufficiently trained. Proper training should at least include the following parts: familiarization with individual types of electric motors, identification of potential problems, correct maintenance procedures and recommendations for effective safety measures.

Preventive diagnostics

Use modern diagnostic technologies to prevent breakdowns. For example, thermographic cameras can identify overheating, while condition monitoring systems can provide real-time information on engine performance.

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