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SIMOTICS electric motors: overview of basic performance classes

SIMOTICS electric motors: overview of basic performance classes

The electric motor is one of the most important building blocks not only in various industries but also in the private sector. The electric motor provides the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is the basic principle behind the functioning of machines and equipment.  

In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption, and this also applies to electric motors. Siemens (now Innomotics), as the world's leading manufacturer of industrial motors, offers its SIMOTICS range of electric motors, which feature a wide range of performance and efficiency characteristics, including energy-saving variants.

From a few watts to tens of megawatts

SIMOTICS electric motors are available in a variety of power classes, allowing customers to choose the optimal motor for their specific applications. The power classes of electric motors vary from a few tens of watts to tens of megawatts. This allows a wide range of industrial applications to be covered, from smaller industrial machines to large production lines, water pumps, compressors, conveyors and other equipment.

The efficiency of electric motors is a very important factor that affects the overall energy consumption and cost of running the equipment. High electric motor efficiency means less energy is lost in the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical work, resulting in reduced electricity consumption and economic benefits.

SIMOTICS electric motors achieve excellent efficiency values thanks to the use of modern technology, high quality materials and careful engineering design. Processes such as winding insulation, lamination and cooling are optimized to minimize energy losses and increase motor efficiency.

Energy efficient variants of SIEMENS electric motors

For customers who place a high value on energy efficiency and reducing operating costs, the Czech manufacturer offers energy-saving variants of SIEMENS electric motors. These motors meet strict efficiency standards and are designed to achieve the lowest possible energy losses during operation. This category includes, for example, the popular 1LE1 class, which offers drives in the power range from 0.09 kW to 2,000 kW, IE3 (high efficiency) or IE4 (very high efficiency).

Energy-efficient motors often include advanced technologies such as frequency converters for speed control and software functions to optimize operation. Thanks to these innovations, energy-efficient electric motors can be adapted to the needs of the application and optimize their performance depending on the actual requirements.
SIMOTICS electric motors are divided into several classes:

1. SIMOTICS GP (General Purpose) - electric motors for standard application
This class includes electric motors that are designed for a wide range of industrial applications where no specific specialization is required. SIMOTICS GP motors are suitable for general purpose applications such as pumps, ventilation, compressors, conveyors, mixers and miscellaneous equipment.

2. SIMOTICS SD (Severe Duty) - electric motors for heavy duty applications
This class of drives is designed to operate in heavy duty environments where there are higher temperatures, humidity or dust. SIMOTICS SD motors are resistant to dust particles and allow reliable operation even in harsh environments.

3. SIMOTICS XP (Explosion-Proof) - electric motors for explosion hazardous area
SIMOTICS XP class motors are designed to be safe for operation in environments with the potential for explosion, such as refineries, chemical plants or other hazardous workplaces. These motors meet stringent standards for expansion safety and minimize the risk of explosion. This category includes, for example, low-voltage motors with a three-phase power supply ranging from 200 to 690 V and a power spectrum from 0.06 kW to 5,300 kW.

4. SIMOTICS HV (High Voltage) motors
The SIMOTICS HV class includes high voltage motors that are typically used in the power industry, e.g. for power generation, transmission systems and other applications where high power capacity is required.

5. SIMOTICS M (Main Motors) - servomotors
SIMOTICS M class electric motors are high performance motors that are typically used as prime movers in industrial applications. These motors have a wide power spectrum and are suitable for large production lines, water pumps, compressors and other equipment with high power requirements.

These main classes of SIMOTICS electric motors provide a wide range of options for a variety of applications in the industrial, energy and other sectors. Each class is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of customers in different industries. With these innovative and efficient electric motors, industries can achieve higher productivity and greener operations.

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