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Successful sale: Two Siemens 75 kW electric motors to drive wood pellet press

In the STANEST company, a pellet production press has been successfully installed. We are delighted to announce the successful sale of two powerful Siemens electric motors with a power output of 75 kW, which will serve as the drive for the pellet production press. These electric motors are from the 1LE1603 series, belong to the IE3 efficiency class, and are designed for the most demanding industrial applications.

Successful sale: Two Siemens 75 kW electric motors to drive wood pellet press

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the sale of our Siemens 75 kW electric motors for the pellet production press to our esteemed customer. This deal represents not only a success for our company but also reinforces our position as a reliable supplier of quality electric motors for industrial applications. We are proud to be able to support our customers in their efforts towards innovation and sustainability.


Practical application:

Siemens electric motors are connected to the pellet production press using V-belts, and the press is manufactured by Salmatec. The entire equipment, including transportation, assembly, and electrical wiring, was provided by Biomac Industry.

Specifications of Siemens 75 kW electric motors:

Manufacturer: Siemens Innomotics
Power Output: 75 kW
Speed: 1485 rpm
Efficiency Class: IE3
Shaft Size: 280 S
Design: IMB3 - foot-mounted

Delivery and installation:

We delivered the 75 kW electric motors directly from our warehouse, thereby shortening the delivery time of the press by more than 1 month. The installation was carried out by Biomac Industry.

Motors equipment:

Due to the operation of the motors using V-belts, we replaced the motor bearing on the drive side (DE) in our workshop, installing a roller bearing for increased radial load.

Competition and selection:

Salmatec typically uses WEG electric motors, but we were able to meet the end customer's requirement, where the main priority was a short delivery time. Our motors were delivered immediately from stock, shortening the delivery time compared to the competition by more than a month. We also competed on price, with our motors being more cost-effective by over 30%. There is no need to discuss the quality of Siemens electric motors; the customer is satisfied.

Acknowledgment and conclusion:

We thank the customer, STANEST company, for their trust and wish them success in pellet production. We look forward to further collaboration.

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