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SIMOTICS of the 1LE1 series: innovative power in the drive and many possibilities of use

SIMOTICS of the 1LE1 series: innovative power in the drive and many possibilities of use

Siemens, recently renamed Innomotics, is one of the world's leading electric motor manufacturers. Their innovative and advanced technologies have won trust and recognition from customers around the world. Within its wide portfolio, Innomotics offers a number of powerful and reliable drives, which are characterized not only by considerable quality, but also by wide application possibilities.

One of the most requested categories of electric motors is SIMOTICS 1LE1 series. These low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors are characterized by exceptional technical quality, reliability and performance. All this for a very reasonable price. With the electric motors of the 1LE1 series, you can expect not only excellent performance, but also lower energy consumption and lower operating costs.

SIMOTICS 1LE1 offers a number of benefits

The 1LE1 series electric motors are designed to meet the demanding requirements of a wide variety of industries and to be able to efficiently drive a wide range of applications. They are very compact, resistant to high temperatures and demanding working conditions. Thanks to their robustness, efficiency and wide power range, these electric motors are the ideal choice for modern industrial environments and for industries that require reliability and performance.

SIMOTICS 1LE1 motors offer a wide selection of power ranges, allowing customers to choose the most suitable motor for specific purposes. Do you need an efficient lower power drive for light industrial tasks? Or, on the contrary, a high-performance electric motor for demanding applications? The 1LE1 series definitely always has something to offer.

Universal use

Motors are available with power from a few kilowatts to several hundred kilowatts. The power range varies from 0.09 kW up to 2,000 kW. In practice, they can therefore be used in all branches of industry - from small applications to demanding industrial production.

At the same time, all products meet the highest standards in the field of energy efficiency. The advantage of the 1LE1 series is also their considerable flexibility. They are available in several designs, e.g. with IP55 or IP23 protection, which allows them to be adapted to different environments. Thanks to a wide range of accessories and configuration options, the motors can be easily integrated into existing systems. Electric motors of the 1LE1 series are environmentally friendly and contribute to sustainable development.

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