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Reference: 155 Siemens electric motors for Morocco

Reference: 155 Siemens electric motors for Morocco

In January 2023, we started a project with a customer from Morocco to supply Siemens low-voltage electric motors, a total of 155 units. The power of the electric motors is in the range of 7.5 - 55 kW at 1500 and 3000 rpm. The small electric motors up to 11 kW are in aluminium frame, while from 18.5 kW the customer chose a grey cast iron frame. The electric motors were requested by the customer in IMB3 foot shape, all electric motors meet IE3 efficiency, aluminium motors are of 1LE1003 series, cast iron motors are of 1LE1503 series.

Unfortunately, at the time of the project, the Siemens production plant in Mohelnice had capacity problems with axis size 160 and the delivery time was extended to 50 working days.

Fortunately, the Moroccan customer demanded the quality that the Siemens brand possesses and the longer delivery time did not have a negative impact on the implementation of this project.

The company TĚSNOHLÍDEK, provided the customer with serious negotiations, experience, full technical support including technical data sheets, dimensional drawings and above all lucrative price conditions for the purchase of electric motors all the time, thanks to which we beat the competition.

Shipping terms:
They were set as EXW, so the customer arranged the transport himself, but we were also helpful all the time. The electric motors from our warehouse in Hracholusky were picked up by the carrier on 09.05.2023, it was two full trucks. These trucks are heading to the port of Hamburg, from where they will go on to the customer in Morocco.

Packing of electric motors:
Due to the transport of electric motors by shipping containers, it was necessary to choose overseas packaging, which Siemens offers for its goods and meets all the necessary certifications.

Payment method:
This was the first joint business for both parties, the security and safety of both parties was ensured by the L/C banking method, the letter of credit, which is one of the safest business methods ever.

The total amount of the contract was 204.000 €.

Types of electric motors:

1LE1003-1CB23-4AA4, 7,5 kW, 1500, IMB3
1LE1003-1DA23-4AA4, 11 kW, 3000, IMB3
1LE1003-1DA33-4AA4, 15 kW, 3000, IMB3
1LE1003-1DB23-4AA4, 11 kW, 1500, IMB3
1LE1003-1DB43-4AA4, 15 kW, 1500, IMB3
1LE1503-1EB23-4AA4, 18,5 kW, 1500, IMB3
1LE1503-1EB43-4AA4, 22 kW, 1500, IMB3
1LE1503-2AA43-4AA4, 30 kW, 3000, IMB3
1LE1503-2AA53-4AA4, 37 kW, 3000, IMB3
1LE1503-2AB53-4AA4, 30 kW, 1500, IMB3
1LE1503-2BB03-4AA4, 37 kW, 1500, IMB3
1LE1503-2BB23-4AA4, 45 kW, 1500, IMB3
1LE1503-2CB23-4AA4, 55 kW, 1500, IMB3

The complete portfolio can be found in our eshop with elektromotory.


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